Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The 'Bamboo Superstar' Update... Phylostachys bissetti exceeds expectations for fast bamboo growth...

Joe, a customer from Roseville sent his third update today on the spectacular performance of his Phylostachys bissetti.  In my own assessment, I consider this fast growing, beautiful running bamboo a 'Bamboo Superstar.'

Here is a photographic overview of growth over the past few weeks:

Shoots emerging on April 13.

Six days later (April 19) the culms are below the fence line.

Today (April 27), Joe sends me this e-mail, "Hard to tell, but the culms are all at or above the fence level and have shed their outer layer and are starting to have the branches come down. It you see the horizontal board at the mid-fence level to the right, that’s where the height was in the pics from last week (April 19). There are lots of culms that are 10’+ in height and we’ve been trimming any culms that aren’t strong and vertical."

Phylostachys is a great choice for a running bamboo that serves as a privacy screen.  It performs well in containers, is a thick lush green screen and is the perfect fast-growing hedge.  Joe has certainly proven this.


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Jenn's Cooking Garden! said...

I really want to grow bamboo! How tall would it get and how fast would it spread by the end of summer?

Mad Man Bamboo Nursery said...

They are shooting right now and are getting about 3 ft tall in the small one gallons and 5 feet in the 5 gallons. If they were planted now, by next spring, when they shoot again, you may get 5 to 6 feet off of them in one gallons, maybe above 6 feet for the 5 gallon sizes. Have plenty in stock! They are a nice plant for sure.