Sunday, April 6, 2008

Holes and cutting out bamboo... I'm tired!

No, this is not a problem with gophers. Me, one jackhammer, and soil full of river rock. Pictured is rock that is in the ground all over my yard, after all I live in a town named Rocklin. Determined to get the momentum going on finishing my backyard, I rented a jackhammer to get the soil ready for plants of all kinds including several Japanese Maples that we have had in pots for a few years, bamboo, some lavender plants and a bunch of unique plants we have picked up at the plant sale recently.

Four hours, lots of noise later, some blisters on my hands and some sore muscles, mission accomplished, but I'm exhausted.

I also knocked out removing half of a mature Golden Goddess Bamboo, a clumping bamboo we planted several years ago. The problem is that it tends to have more of a drooping growth. What's great though is that this variety by far is my best selling bamboo variety and this year I actually ran out because its selling so good, so I took the clumps and potted them, they'll be ready for sale by fall. Once I finish the job, we are planting Thamnocalamus tessellatus "Bergamboes," a South Arican bamboo that grows straight up, is dense, is a clumper and provides privacy.
OK, I'm tired, time for bed, sweet dreams everyone.......