Saturday, December 4, 2010

Bamboo: The odd and unusual

Today, I was milling about the garden with not alot of focus, but with camera in hand. I'm always surprised what I can find when I examine things closer. Here is a collection of oddly growing culms alien-like rhizomes and other oddities.

This photo is of Phylostachys dulcis 'Sweetshoot Bamboo' - there is nothing growing out of the top opening of the nursery container, but there is a fully formed culm growing out of the bottom drain hole with an unusual 90 degree angle.

This photo is of an odd bamboo rhizome from a Bambusa beecheyana 'Beechey Bamboo', exposed with some aerial roots showing. Reminds me of some alien plant life that has landed on earth in a 1950's sci-fi movie.

This photo is of the cymbal shaped culms of Chimonobambusa tumidissinoda 'Chinese Walking Stick'. In China, they make actual walking canes from this plant.

This is Bambusa mutabilis with aerial roots showing. Reminds me of a deep jungle plant, almost one you'd imagine among the dinosaurs.

Bamboo photos that evoked some good imagination on a grey winter day.


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Trisha Piper said...

I went out into my back yard to visit my Bamboo yesterday and did very much the same thing. I really enjoy my Bamboo and it made my day feel just a little bit sunnier.

Mad Man Bamboo Nursery said...

Yeah, it definitely is a nice way to clear your mind and enjoy the day a little more that is for sure! Sean