Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New bamboo book coming soon: Paul Whitaker's 50 Practical Bamboos

This looks like a book worth buying. Paul Whitaker's 50 Practical Bamboos. Whitaker is an excellent bamboo author and am looking forward to his latest book.

Heck, I may be offering it for sale myself. A book that summarizes 50 practical bamboos for any garden situation. I love books that meet a real need for most people... cut to the chase... need a bamboo that gives you privacy from a nosy neighbor... hopefully this book holds promise to dispense this commonly needed amount of advice and much more.

More to come on this as I get the book...


Mad Man Bamboo

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Alan said...

The problem with Paul's other book "Taming the Dragon: Hardy Bamboos" is that the info is very UK-specific. That is, it's perfect for those in mild climates.

For those of use with colder winters and hotter summers, a lot of the info is inaccurate, especially when it comes to the spread of runners.

Despite this I find myself using it all the time, as it has great photos and I love the drawings that depict the habit of each plant.