Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bamboo poles used in Hindu ceremony called Hanuman pujas

I am honored yet again to donate some fresh bamboo poles for a Hindu ceremony. I didn't initially ask what it was for the first time (two years ago). But asked this time out of curiosity (and appreciation for other cultures) and here is how the ceremony was explained:

"...the bamboo is used to fly a red flag of the devotee or Hindu god name Hanuman. This is a ceremony to offer prayers and special sweets to this particular god which is done in the home. At the end of the ceremony ( Hanuman Pooja) the red flag will be placed on the bamboo and will be mounted in the back or front yard of the residence. This ceremony is very common in the West Indies specifically where Hindu reside Guyana, Trinidad, Jamaica, Surinam Fuji etc…"

I also found a blog that explains the ceremony more ("Hindus perform Hanuman pujas to either give thanks to God for continuous good health and prosperity or to remove any difficulties, grief, sorrow or a likelihood or impending unhappiness in one’s path. Hanuman pujas are only performs on Tuesdays and Saturdays." - click here for more.

I am happy to see my bamboo used for such a purpose.


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