Sunday, September 11, 2011

Pesky two story houses looking into your yard? Be gone with bamboo...

Have a two story house looking down into your backyard? Want a lush, green tall screen to give you privacy? Bambusa oldhamii "Giant Clumping Timber Bamboo' is the solution. Clumping (non-invasive) to about 30 feet tall in the Sacramento region, its a beautiful bamboo that serves a function. 

Planted strategically in front of a neighbor's two story window (or two or three), it is the perfect way to create privacy.  This variety does very well in the Sacramento area due to our heat, it have nice big tropical-looking leaves that soak up the heat.

Below is a picture of a new culm, about the size of my arm rising from the ground, I took today meandering through my garden.


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Barbara said...

How much? How many plants and how long would it take to cover a 30 foot long, 6 foot high fence?

Mad Man Bamboo Nursery said...

Hi Barbara,

I would plant them every thee feet for a good screen starting year 2 and beyond. That is 10 plants for that space. They are $42 each for a 5 gallon, 10 or more is $40 each. If interested, let me know. Thank Barbara. Sean 916-300-6335,

Judy said...

I have a west-facing patio, where I think the bamboo described would shade the patio and house during the heat of summer. I'm wondering how close to cement it can be planted. We have a nice tree there now that has to be taken out because it is pushing up the cement of the patio.

Second Question: What does the bamboo look like in winter?

Mad Man Bamboo Nursery said...


It is clumping bamboo so its not going to travel very far, but for good measure, I would plant it at least a foot from the edge of cement to allow for maintenance. In Northern California winters it looks pretty good, gets some leaf shredding during winter wind storms, but quickly regenerates itself by April here in Northern California. Cheers!