Sunday, September 18, 2011

Notes from a radio interview: Top seven clumping bamboo varieties to create a perfect privacy screen...

Had a great time today talking with Farmer Fred Hoffman on his 'Get Growing' gardening radio show on 650 AM KSTE.  The podcasted show can be heard here - Listen (9/18/11 broadcasts).

So, in preparation for the radio interview I transferred my top seven varieties of clumping bamboo that are perfect for creating a privacy hedge from my brain on to paper.  There is alot rolling up there in my 'noggin', so getting it on paper helped get my thoughts organized, but then I realized - 'I should share this with my blog readers!' Keep in mind, this is for the Sacramento area/Bay area climates.

So, without further adieu, here are the notes:

1. Bambusa oldhamii 'Giant Clumping Timber Bamboo' - Expect growth in the 30 to 35 foot range, perfect if you want that tropical feel and/or by a poolside.  Takes full sun, clumping (non-invasive) and has big beautiful timber-like poles.

2. and 3.  Bambusa ventricosa 'Buddha's Belly Green' and 'Buddha's Belly Kimmei' (pictured).  Belly like growth invoked by less water and/or constrained growing (like in a container).  Dense hedge.  Height can vary on conditions (water) from 15 feet up to 35 feet.

4.  Bambusa textilis 'Weavers' Bamboo' - 30 feet tall, very vertical and upright.  Dark green and dense above a fenceline.

5. Bambusa tuldoides 'Punting Pole Bamboo' - 35 feet, very similar in size and look to 'Giant Clumping Timber Bamboo' except leaves are smaller, tight 'V' not as vertical as 'Giant Clumping Timber Bamboo.'

6. and 7. Bambusa multiplex 'Alphonse Karr' (pictured) and 'Hedge Bamboo' - 15 to 20 feet tall, dense tight 'V' shaped.  'Alphonse Karr' is yellow with green stripes, with some red with sun exposure.  'Hedge Bamboo' is all green but grows identical in form to 'Alphonse Karr.'

The 'Spectacular Seven' are perfect for our Sacramento/Bay Area climates, are clumping, and can take full sun.  No more nosy neighbors once these form a privacy hedge in about 2 to 3 years.


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Fred Hoffman said...

You mean I was scribbling like a madman (pun intended) this morning for nothing?!? It's all here, and spelled correctly, too! Great job this morning, Sean; very useful information!

Don Shor said...

All great choices, Sean. I'd like to take this, along with the pictures, for Bamboo Magazine. Can you send me the pictures at high resolution?

Mad Man Bamboo Nursery said...

Fred, Thanks for having me on the show this morning. Yeah, was definitely throwing around alot of interesting and not so easy to spell or pronounce words! Always glad for the chance to educate on bamboo. Sean

Mad Man Bamboo Nursery said...

Don, Hey, that would be an honor to get published in Bamboo Magazine. Do you want me to send the high res photos to your Red Barn address or do you want to e-mail me you e-mail address at address? Cheers! Sean