Sunday, August 28, 2011

Gotta love red bamboo...

Today, I caught my self dreaming of cooler temperatures as I sat in the heat at my booth at the Granite Bay Farmers' Market.  One nice surprise in the middle of drab, gray winter is the spectacular red I get on my Semianundaria yashadake kimmei.  This bamboo is a running variety that does very well in containers, takes full sun, and grows to about 10 feet max in a container (can grow 25 feet in the ground - not recommended, unless you have the room).

In summer, the plant looks like this (quite pretty):

When the colder temperatures hit around January and you get some sun exposure, the culms turn this color:

Can't say I'm looking forward to winter, but this deep vibrant red color certainly brings a bright spot to the cold, gray January days.


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