Friday, August 26, 2011

Bamboo tip: How to tell when your bamboo plant needs to be watered...

Today, we saw temperatures in the low 100's.  Not complaining as we have had unseasonably low temperatures in the Sacramento area, on average from the low 90's to mid 90's.  This is dry heat.  Truly an ideal California Summer.

With the higher temperatures, bamboo has a somewhat unique way to show that it is in need of water and humidity.

They curl their leaves as a way to reduce the total leaf surface that water can be lost, responding to low humidity, low soil moisture and high temperatures.  Typically, once watered, the leaves unfurl and are back to normal.  If the leaves are still folded by the evening, it means they need a deep soak as they are water-starved.

Here's to what's left of the summer!


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