Saturday, March 19, 2011

Rain, rain, rain... is helping the bamboo shoot, shoot, shoot!

It's a long stretch of rain, which can be grey and dull, but holds great promise for the shooting season for running bamboo here in Sacramento.  Last week, I discovered, with great joy, that my Phylostachys edulis 'Moso' was shooting.  The deluge of rain has the ability to renew the plant's top foliage from the cold dry winter winds and help the bamboo plants push fresh bamboo shoots from the cold ground.  Once this cold front pushes through our area and we approach warmer April days and nights, I think it holds great promise for some beautiful, unique and vigorous bamboo shoots reaching for the sky here in the Sacramento region.

I couldn't help myself today, even in the rain to take some photos of some of the new bamboo shoots:

This is Phylostachys bissetti, known to be one of the first running bamboos to shoot.

This is the beautiful Semiarundaria yashadake kimmei, it gets red from sun exposure.  One of my favorite running bamboos.

Here's to some warm sunny days around the corner!

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