Monday, February 18, 2008

Another day in the yard...

Decent temperatures today... mid 60's, rain forecast for tomorrow. That is a perfect time to propagate bamboo, as the temperature is just right and any propagated bamboo would certainly appreciate the rain-bound moisture to fight the shock from being pulled from the ground.

This is a culm of bambusa ventrosica "Buddha's Belly Kimmei." The Kimmei feature is the stripes and mature culms turn yellow with green stripes Note that I kept the dead portion on the culm which is a way to keep the frost (which we are not out of the woods yet here in California) away from live growth, despite my temptation to cut it off. Once I am free and clear of frost, this portion will go.
I was able to get two culms of the Buddha's belly and one from my Silverstripe bamboo which has a white stripe and interesting zig-zag growth (fourth photo).
These will be ready for sale in late summer/early fall. Couldn't pass up this perfect date to propagate bamboo.
Finally, I wanted to say how amazed I am with a cyclamen we planted that came from a family friend. No exageration, this cyclamen has looked the same from early spring 2007 through now. I love this plant!

Spring has almost sprung!



Wurzerl said...

Hi Sean, I come from Mark' s blog! I' m sorry that my English isn' t so good but I try to be better soon. In my garden the cyclamen coum is also blooming now. In some weeks I want to work a new front garden in the asiatic style. I don' t know what kind of bamboo I will plant. I had years ago the Fargesia murielensis which is died after blooming. Do you have an idea?
Have a good time, Wurzerl from Bavaria, Germany

Wicked Gardener said...

Beautiful garden! I'll be back!

kate said...

This was an interesting post on propagating bamboo ... I didn't realise that you had to be concerned about frost still.

I am so in agreement with you about the issue in your more recent post - after watching all those 8-track tapes go into the garbage bins,

Chrissie said...

Hi. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment :-) You have a very interesting blog! We have often thought about some bamboo screening but fears of it spreading and taking over hold us back :-) Have a great week.

Mad Man Bamboo Nursery said...

Wurzerl - send me an e-mail at with your minimum winter temperature, whether the spot you have in mind gets afternoon shade or not and whther you want a clumping or running variety and I'd be happy to offer suggestions.

Wicked - thanks!

Kate - Yeah, we still have to worry about frost around here through mid-March, I live in the same area as Katie at GardenPunks and Angela at Bliss. Glad you liked the post on the whole Blu-Ray debacle.

Chris - check out clumping bamboos, you'd be surprised, the running varieties are what you need to be careful with. I'd be happy to offer suggestions if your interested in learning more about bamboo.

Cheers everyone!