Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bamboo homes from Hawaii

Ran across this site - Bamboo Living Homes by Bamboo Technologies. Real bamboo homes made by a company out of Haiku, Hawaii. It's a very interesting alternative to the bland vanilla stucco production homes that you see here in many parts of California (and most of the nation).

Looks like they harvest the bamboo in Vietnam using a clumping variety, bambusa stenostachya, or "tre gai".

The site covers all aspect of bamboo harvesting in Vietnam, fabrication, shipping and assembly at the home site. Interesting concept and from the website, the homes have some real architectural interest and nice finish work. You can take a virtual tour of the company's model home in Kaui.

Now if I had some spare cash lying around and a lot in the country.... hmmm... OK time to stop dreaming.




Bamboo said...

Bamboo homes are cool, but check out these bamboo mountain bikes!

Craig Calfee is setting up sustainable businesses in 3rd world countries and exporting these bikes.

I am always amazed with the strength and versatility of bamboo.

Case said...

We have always used bamboo products around our house - they are much more environmentally friendly than most other products.

We've never tried growing bamboo though. Might give it a go.