Sunday, March 10, 2013

Signs that Spring 2013 is right around the corner...

This is the time of year when I start to wander outside more and more.  My normally short attention span is exacerbated, by the draw of discovering something new in the garden that has budded out or sprung from the ground.  Today was no exception of course.

I guess it is what makes us folks that love nature and gardening who we are.  To me, this is the time of year when I awaken from the gray slumber of winter excited to see nature too, waking up.

So, today, in wandering around the tired, winter-worn garden, signs of life are indeed starting to emerge.  No doubt with temperatures rising to the mid-70's in Sacramento in the coming week, this is just the beginning...

New shoot from my Phylostachys nigra 'Othello' pushing through the ground seeking the warm sun.

Buds are opening on my green Japanese Maple.

New colorful and furry shoot from my Bashania fargesii.

Definitely a time of excitement for gardeners.  With camera in hand, and longer days, I'm sure I'll be drawn to the garden more and more.  A distraction, that I don't mind at all.

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P.S. If your ready to get back out in the garden and love unusual plants, check out two upcoming plant sales... Saturday, March 23 (Auburn Farmers Market (bamboo only)) and Saturday, March 30 (at McKinley Park in Sacramento; lots of plant vendors)).  Details can be found at

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