Saturday, September 29, 2012

Roseville homeowners bring tropical feel to their backyard - bamboo-style

Today we had a chance to visit some fellow bamboo aficionados that live in Roseville to see their backyard.  Over a couple of years they have bought bamboo from me and have quite a nice collection of both running and clumping bamboo.

These folks are nice people and love bamboo.  They have clumping bamboo from another house they still own but no longer live at and have grown to understand bamboo (the difference between running and clumping) and appreciate it for its usefulness and beauty.

As we walked into their backyard - I couldn't help to say - 'Wow!'  The backyard has a definite 'oasis a la Hawaii feel.'  They use both running (contained) and clumping species quite nicely in combination with palms and it is a really nice, relaxing and well done landscape.  Most of which was done by themselves.

Here are some photos of their nice backyard:

A two year old Bambusa oldhamii 'Giant Clumping Timber Bamboo' behind a peaceful water feature.

An Otatea acuminata aztecorum 'Mexican Weeping Bamboo' in a cleverly constructed container that is finished off with bamboo fencing.

A Phylostachys nigra 'Giant Black' in a container in its first year of growth.

A hand-made tiki from Turlock, CA.  I definitely need to get the name of the guy who does these.

I thought they did a great job on their backyard and am happy to see the bamboo that I grew has found a happy home, as it certainly shows.


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Sambuaga said...

Yeah, bamboo always interesting to use. Many other uses such as fences, walls, floors and even been processed into laminate for furniture upholstery or parquet flooring.

sensiblegardening said...

Bamboo is greata for many uses, I love the textiles now made with it. I can't imagine growing anything but clump type, had a very bad experience with a running bamboo which literally took over our world.