Sunday, April 29, 2012

Clumping bamboo wakes up with warm temperatures

I always love late April, early May as it is when the "naked" culms of clumping bamboo begin to leaf out. The warm days and moderate evening temperatures do wonders that no fertilizer can beat.

Clumping bamboo typically shoots in late Summer through about late Fall.  At that point, since the shooting ends right around when the colder temperatures begin (late October), the clumping bamboo goes into dormancy where the new culm stops growing, doesn't leaf out and essentially, for lack of a better description, looks "naked."

A "naked" clumping bamboo culm.  This was taken on February 10, 2012.

So for several months in the winter, you sit there and hope and pray that the wind and/or frost doesn't topple your beautiful new culms.  Its always a pang of disappointment for a "Bamboo Geek" like me to see that tall new culm toppled over after a Winter storm.

Now with the newly warming temperatures, when it finally breaks into the 80's, the new branches and leaves begin to emerge from the nodes of the "naked culms."

This is what I saw today (April 29, 2012).  Makes my heart go pitter-patter!

Really looking forward to seeing these new culms once they are fully leafed out likely in July.  Its what brings me joy, not only for the newly found privacy, but out of my appreciation for bamboo itself.

If you, my Bamboo Geek readers, have similar stories to share, please send your photos my way at  Folks that are experienced with bamboo and especially those discovering (or re-discovering) bamboo love to see how clumping bamboo grows and I'd love to share the stories of others.

Enjoy the beautiful weather!

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