Monday, January 16, 2012

Those forgotten spaces in the yard that scream for privacy...

Today, I helped set up a little bit of peace and privacy from the neighbor's window that is peering into a friend's window.  It's a frequent reality of suburban living, homes packed really close to each other with small side yards.  Usually the side yards are forgotten areas left to the storage of firewood, where the dog goes and does it's business or is just a weed patch.

In this situation, a neighbors living room or dining room window looks directly into the neighboring master bedroom window.  Not an ideal situation.  Now, I'm not looking for the next spread in Fine Gardening Magazine for this, but, here is where running bamboo meets practicality in it most pure form.  Here, we took black storage containers usually used for Christmas decorations or your fine pair of china only brought out for that special dinner.  Drill holes in the bottom of the storage container and you have a cheap way to contain running bamboo, but yet large enough to let it reach a good enough height to cover the fence line and provide that much sought after privacy.  Not glamorous or hip, but purely practical.  When it comes to a side yard that nobody ever goes to, who cares.  Its just nice to know, you can open a window and get some privacy from some very close suburban quarters.

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