Sunday, January 23, 2011

A bamboo that Folsom can call its very own... Phylostachys nigra 'Daikokuchiku' or 'Folsom Black'

Phylostachys nigra 'Daikokuchiku' is a variety of Giant Black Bamboo that hails from one lone bamboo grove in Folsom, California.  Normally, regular 'Black Bamboo' maxes at 30 feet and about 2 inches in culm diameter.  Phylostachys nigra 'Daikokuchiku', also known as 'Folsom Black,' maxes at 57 feet and 3.3 inches in diameter and is known to be a deeper shade of black and turning black much quicker than regular Black Bamboo (Black Bamboo shoots green initially and turns black over 2 years).

Some who have propagated from this grove in Folsom state that its tremendous growth is attributable to good genetics, lots of hot Sacramento sun (I guess those hot 100 degree summers are good for something) and a well irrigated, deep sandy loam soil.

Some skeptics, clearly not from the Sacramento region, attribute the tremendous growth of 'Folsom Black' Bamboo to just lots of sun exposure from being a well placed bamboo grove.  Naturally, its more than that, right?  Not that I am biased.

When I speak with my fellow bamboo collectors (other 'bamboo geeks') or with customers, it gives me a sense of pride that Phylostachys nigra 'Daikokuchiku' or 'Folsom Black' came from the Sacramento area.  Most people gather pride in where they live by a defining attribute for the area that makes it special -  a well-performing local professional sports team (no comment), a pervasive industry (like Milwaukee's beer brewing history), or a city with unique character (like Santa Cruz, San Diego or San Antonio).  

For a 'bamboo geek' like me - its a one-of-a-kind Giant Black Bamboo from Folsom.  I know... I'm hopeless, but happy in my simple pleasures.


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