Sunday, August 8, 2010

A fun day in Davis, CA...

After twelve years living 30 miles from Davis, I finally got around to visiting it.

Had a great day visiting my friend Gerhard and his wife Heather. Gerhard is a 'bamboo nut' like me and got a tour of his front and back yard. Gerhard did a great job transforming his yard into a peaceful and beautiful place to relax, part of which includes his impressive bamboo collection. Thanks to Gerhard and Heather for their hospitality.

We also had a chance to walk around downtown Davis. Snapped some photos along the way including some bamboo bikes (Davis is known as a biking community, why not use bamboo to build a bike) and a beautiful Phylostachys nigra 'Black Bamboo' I found in the UC Davis Arboretum demonstration terrace at Davis Commons, just outside of the UC Davis Campus. This Black Bamboo is what I would consider 'perfect' - dark black culms contrasted with younger green culms, what a beautiful plant. Both the bikes and the Black Bamboo are pictured above.


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