Friday, March 26, 2010

Customer installs bamboo rhizome barrier

Recently, a customer of mine sent some photos of his installation of bamboo rhizome barrier. Quite the project, but is well worth it. Running bamboo, placed in a planting area with bamboo rhizome barrier creates a beautiful screen that is contained within a planting area. I only recommend planting running bamboo if (1) you have alot of land for it to stretch its rhizomes, (2) you plant it in a pot that rests on a paver, or (3) you install a bamboo rhizome barrier around the planting area.

This rhizome barrier is 40 mil utility grade plastic that is 30 inches deep. Since bamboo rhizomes can leap mid air and dive back in the ground, bamboo rhizome barrier needs to be installed with a 2 inch lip above ground.

We sell bamboo rhizome barrier in 24 and 30 inches. For pricing and details, click here. We can cut to order and ship anywhere in the U.S.


Mad Man Bamboo Nursery - Rocklin, CA

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