Monday, February 8, 2010

Like butta...

Got this from a reader of my Bamboo Geek blog...

Hi Mad Man Bamboo,

We have almost recovered from repotting my Black Bamboo which I should have attended to last year. It was very hard work for two seventy year olds. In the end my darling husband sawed the congested roots into two pieces, it was extremely hard work and... took two sessions spread over two days. I am happy to say that both parts are repotted in larger pots now and look well, after a little intensive care.

Could you please give advise for next year, the middle part will be just as dense. How would you recommend we divide it, without risking a visit to 'intensive care' ourselves?

I would be so grateful for your wisdom and experience over this matter.

All best wishes,


My response: Dear Helen, This is a great question and thanks for reading my blog. After dealing with sore backs I "wisened" up and bought a Sawzall and use a long wood cutting blade on it. It cuts through rhizomes like butter and has been a back and time saver for me.


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