Saturday, April 2, 2011

Springtime bamboo shoots...

Our weather this weekend in the Sacramento region was wonderful (low-80's).  I even had to second-guess myself twice this weekend, switching from jeans to shorts mid-day, as the days transitioned quickly from slightly chilly (very slightly) to downright warm.

OK, so it officially became Spring this weekend, no doubt.  The bamboo emerged from it sleepy winter slumber.  Some of the early shooters, like Phylostachys edulis 'Moso', which I photographed March 11, have grown several inches in the warmth and others like Phylostachys flexuosa 'Kimmei Aureostriata' showed true beauty today.

So here are some photos from my trek through my backyard jungle today:

Here is the 'hairy' Moso reaching for the sky;

This shoot from the Phylostachys flexuosa 'Kimmei Aureostriata' is quite beautiful with its dark lime coloring.

Here is my Phylostachys nigra that I just planted in my BILT container and its shooting, which is great considering that normally bamboo does not shoot a whole lot in its first year out of a nursery container.

Cheers! Enjoy these Spring days while they last...

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