Friday, April 29, 2011

Fun contest in on... Garden Caching!

Many people are familiar with the exploration sport called "geocaching."  It involves using a GPS or a smart phone (most have GPS on them), armed with coordinates and looking for stashed items that people place at the coordinates listed.  Its a fun high-tech treasure hunt that can be done by yourself, with kids and/or friends.  Its a fun way to get out there and explore the world, much like a treasure hunt.

Jim and I are putting a new twist on geocaching, what we call "Garden Caching."

Here is how it works.  Jim and I are hanging several of our nursery tags (pictured above) throughout the Sacramento region on trees and plants.

Get your GPS unit or your GPS-enabled smart phones ready....

We will be posting the coordinates on where those tags are here on this blog and also on the Mad Man Bamboo Facebook page (starting today).

Plug those coordinates into your GPS or your smart phone and start "Garden Caching."  Hint: On smart phones, you just type in the coordinates into the address bar on your map application on your phone to get the location.

Once you find the orange or white nursery tag (pictured above).  Post the code word written on the tag either on this blog or on the Mad Man Bamboo Facebook page.  Be sure to post your name if it isn't obvious, as well.

Do that, and you win a 1 gallon bamboo plant or Japanese Maple.

It's that easy!

We will be posting new coordinates and announcing winners over the next several weeks so check back here often or on the Mad Man Bamboo Facebook page.

OK, it starts right now.  Good luck!

The GPS coordinates are:

Format: Heading, degrees, minute - (hddd mm.mmm)

N 38 34.482
W 121 30.035

Datum: WGS 84

Use the Map function on your phone, plug the coordinates in and happy hunting!

Mad Man Bamboo

Maplestone Gardens


Alan @ It's not work, It's gardening! said...

Great, fun idea! (wish I was in the area to participate)

Ferdi Nel said...

I would have loved to join in. Pity I'm not in your area. Perhaps I should do something similiar in my area.

Mad Man Bamboo Nursery said...

Thanks Alan. We are very excited about this contest!