Saturday, April 23, 2011

Roadtrip to Sonoma, California

Yesterday, we took our girls to Sonoma, California to get out and do something fun during their Spring Break.  Since its only about an hour and a half drive, its a nice place to visit for the day.  The beauty of living in Rocklin is that you are only two hours away from the coast or two hours away from the mountains.

So, what can I say about Sonoma - lots of unique shops, great wine tasting and lots of good restaurants,  Also there is the Mission San Francisco de Solano or more commonly known as the Sonoma Mission.  Founded in 1823, its a nice historical destination to visit, full of history and significance (built to keep the Russians at bay just north of Sonoma at Fort Ross).

The weather was nice, slightly overcast, but warm.

Throughout the day I was able to capture some photos of the day's exploration, of course with a couple of bamboo sightings along the way...

This was one of the largest Eucalyptus Trees I have ever seen, almost as wide as a small sedan.  This was in the town square.

This small potted bamboo is a Pseudosasa japonica 'Arrow Bamboo' crammed between two stores.

A very cool Citroen, from the 1950's (from what I could guess) parked in the town center.

An oddly placed running bamboo.  I suppose it was meant to soften the corner of this alleyway.  The alleyway was odd in itself as the buildings narrowed towards each other and were not set apart the same distance as one would expect.

Overall, it was a really nice day.  Everyone had fun, lots of great sights and just something nice to do that was out of the norm.  The drive was worth it.  Sonoma, California is a nice place to put on your 'must-see' list for sure, especially if you live in the Sacramento area.


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Alan said...

Sean -- you think that alley bamboo once had a partner on the right side of the opening? Looks like there is a second "planter" hole there.

If you find any examples of a good use of bamboo, a bad use of bamboo, or a place that would be a good place for bamboo, please let me know about it: