Thursday, April 14, 2011

My friend Jim (home-grown Japanese Maples)

So, some of you have attended my Open Houses and have had the pleasure to meet my friend Jim.  Jim and I go way back.  I first met Jim about 9 years ago at work.  He was my bosses, boss.  Super smart, well-liked and very easy to work for.  Over time, Jim and I struck a friendship.  Our big commonality was our love for plants, specifically how to grow the nicest, most interesting plants with our own two hands.

Since we both live in Rocklin and our kids went to the same elementary school, we started to commute into work to Downtown Sacramento together.  Besides discussing the day's adventures at work, the topic of conversation often revolved around plants, bonsai, Japanese Maples and bamboo; and how to turn our love for plants into a business we love.  Lots of propagation theories abounded and lots trading of growing secrets.  Needless to say, it made the long commute along Interstate 80 fly by.

So, eventually we both left our mutual employer we worked for, he stayed in Sacramento and I landed a job in Roseville.  But to this day, we have remained friends.

About six years ago, I started my little "backyard nursery" in Rocklin, Mad Man Bamboo, with bamboo that I propagated from my bamboo collection, now 120 strong and growing.  The name really speaks to what some would call my "mad" bamboo obsession.  OK, so call me crazy, but I love my business.

Jim, now following his passion, recently started his Japanese Maple business from his small suburban Rocklin yard.  Jim's business, Maplestone Garden, has a similar business model as mine, a small appointment only, backyard plant business with expert advice and a friendly service.  Jim is a true Japanese Maple artist, perfecting his propagation techniques over the past few years, he is growing unique Japanese Maples because it's what he loves to do.

In fact, Jim has grown a few seedlings from seeds from my Japanese Maple trees and even recently propagated a grafted tree from my favorite 10 year old Inabe Shidare (Jim is pictured with the Inabe Shidare he grew above).

So, looking for a unique Japanese Maple from a man who loves the plants he grows?  Give Jim a call:

Maplestone Garden
(916) 315-9295

Here's to another home-grown Rocklin business.  Cheers!

Mad Man Bamboo
(916) 300-6335
Mad Man Bamboo on Facebook
Twitter: @madmanbamboo

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