Monday, May 30, 2011

Goats, tomatoes and bamboo... random sights and sounds from today.

Like many folks, I was fortunate to have the day off.   Memorial Day is a day to reflect on the sacrifices made by military service members to secure the freedom we enjoy today.  Many mark the day by spending time with their friends and family, barbecuing, watching a Little League game or spending the day in the garden.  I spent my time today meandering through the garden and taking a short bike ride with my daughter.

Enjoying the day, I took some photos along the way.  Of course, there is no specific theme for this post, just random sights and sounds along the way.

This is a carnivorous plant in the Sarracenia family, commonly known as a Pitcher Plant.  I bought Pitcher Plants over several years at plant sales that I have sold at.  They grow openly in my front yard, do just fine in the cold without protection.  If I didn't grow bamboo, this would be another plant family I'd love to try to grow.

This is the flower of the Pitcher Plant.

My tomatoes growing among the 'Black Bamboo' are thriving.  I didn't plant these, they came up from the compost we generate at home, part of which is from fruit and vegetable scraps.  So, these tomatoes will be a surprise as far as what we get.  We are hoping for Cherry Tomatoes.  Ironically, these tomatoes look way better than the hybrid tomatoes we planted in the backyard.  Go figure!

Hollyhocks that re-seed every year and rest between my house and the neighbors.  A few years ago, they were all pink, but now they are getting shades of red. Hybridization at work. Very pretty!

So, if you are hanging out in my front yard today, you can hear the sound of goats and sheep.... "baaahhh" and "maaah," pervade the air.  My daughter and I took a short bike ride about a quarter of a mile away to the neighboring creek and open space where the City of Rocklin uses sheep and goats to mow down the overgrown grass and weeds as a way to reduce the fire danger and not overly disturb the natural environment.

They have been using this method for the past few years and its quite the sight.  Good excuse to hop on our bikes and check it out.

Its been a great day, beautiful weather and have enjoyed the sights along the way.


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