Monday, February 7, 2011

Stroll through Capitol Park (Sacramento)... and find a beautiful bamboo grove!

Today, I took a longer way to head to my car (headed home) after a meeting at the Capitol Building through Capitol Park. I had heard of a really nice bamboo grove in Capitol Park (Downtown Sacramento) but had never encountered it.  Ironically, I had worked in downtown Sacramento for seven years (1998-2005) and had visited the Capitol Building for work several times a week but never encountered this bamboo grove.  Now, I go once a month or so and I found it, funny how things happen.

So...  walk down 13th and L St. (towards Capitol Park ) towards the bright white Capitol Dome and you'll see this:

Phylostachys bambusoides 'Japanese Giant Timber Bamboo', immaculately maintained.

Up front, beautiful culms.

Picture perfect.

And an awesome grove of 'Cooking Bananas', biggest I have ever seen in this area.

Drop by Capitol Park, if you haven't seen this bamboo grove, it's worth seeking out.  A gem in the heart of Downtown Sacramento


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-Richard said...

I found it interesting the "clumping" growing habit.

Gardens at Waters East said...

I so wish I could grow bamboo here. Every time I have been to California I want to bring it back to the gardens I have, but it will never survive. I have an "Asian" garden room ( one of thirteen rooms in the garden) but not live bamboo. This is when I miss the higher zones. However, it is very beautiful here on the shore. Check it out, I think you will agree - even in Winter there is beauty. Jack

Mad Man Bamboo Nursery said...

Jack, Saw your site and yes, it is very beautiful. Looks like plant life recovers nicely from the ravages of an extreme Michigan winter. Love your photography and great site. Sean