Sunday, February 13, 2011

Adventures in Composting: Putting together our tumbling composter

A couple of weeks ago, we bought a tumbling composter after our box composter had some critter issues.  My wife likes to incorporate fruit and vegetable scraps into the compost pile, but that can lead to some unwanted critters making home in the compost.  Last summer, I opened the top of the old composter and a small rat leaped (literally) from the composter to the tall Photinia bushes nearby, a mere four feet.  Needless to say, it scared both the rat and me.

So, we went with the fully enclosed and raised tumbling composter.  Of course, what I am looking for is some good rich compost to supplement my soil for bamboo and other plants in the garden.

The first chuckle as we assessed the adventure ahead of us was the statement on the large blister pack full of screws, bolts and parts - 'Hardware is actual size."  Really....

The composter's brand was Lifetime, no doubt branded to mean it lasts a lifetime, but after today, it felt like a lifetime to put it together.  You know your in for it when you have to use a drill, it has instructions in six languages and it says "takes two adults to assemble."  Throw in some blood-thirsty mosquitoes and it's a good time!

After a few choice words and a few screws leftover, we constructed the tumbling composter.  Rich dark beautiful compost, here we come!

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ecobee said...

Had similar vermin issue and considering a tumbler for the same reasons! Saw this one at Costco - is the assembly hassle worth the cost savings? Would be putting it together myself (average female) w/just help from my teen...

Mad Man Bamboo Nursery said...

ecobee - I think its definitely worth it. We have had it now for several weeks and its superior to the grounded compost bin. You could put it together with yourself and your teen. The second person is really just there to hold up items during assembly. Good luck!