Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Bamboo Geek's trip to Disneyland

My daughters had the week off from school, the result of teacher furloughs (in California) consolidated in one week, so we made the most of it and made a pilgrimage down to Disneyland, The Happiest Place on Earth.  Naturally, most 'normal' people would be excited about what else - the rides.  I was of course excited about the rides, but my other thrill was marveling at how Disney set the theme or 'feel' of particular areas by using my favorite plant - bamboo.  All well done in my opinion, which is what Disney theme parks pride themselves on.  

One observation though, the Sacramento Zoo, really does give Disneyland a run for its money when it comes to using bamboo.  The best example of using bamboo to set a theme or 'feel,' locally, is at the Red Panda exhibit at the Sacramento Zoo.  The Sacramento Zoo does a good job using diverse bamboo varieties to provide interest and texture on the grounds.  My only gripe, is that the Sacramento Zoo doesn't label their bamboo, and neither does Disney.

But, I digress.  Here is a collection of photos from my trip to Disneyland this past week.  Enjoy!

In line for the Pirates of Caribbean ride at Disneyland.

The entrance to Adventureland.  One of my favorite areas in Disneyland.  I love the tropical feel.

This was on the Jungle Cruise ride in Adventureland in the Disneyland Park.  The picture is blurry because the guy driving the boat was going really fast through the ride - thought that ran through my head was "...hey dude, slow down, can't you see I'm trying to get some bamboo photos here!"  Of course I got many eye rolls from family members as I snapped away.

This was at the California Adventure Park (adjacent to Disneyland) in Bugs Land, by far the best place to see bamboo.  In the background is the Hollywood Tower of Terror, one of the best thrill rides in the California Adventure Park.

I think this is Bambusa textilis.  Located in Bugs Land at the Flik's Flyers ride.

Graffiti on bamboo at Bugs Land.

This was also at Bugs Land.  Great striping.  I believe this is Bambusa etuldoides 'Viridivittata', a clumping bamboo.  Not very common in Northern California.

This is a good example of how bamboo can be hedged.  This is some type of Phylostachys located in Bugs Land.

Near the entrance to Bugs Land.  I believe this is Pseudosasa amabilis 'Tonkin Cane'.

After a long day of walking, going on rides and looking at bamboo, who wouldn't want to have a nice Bamboo Massage.  Ironically, this was taken at the hotel we stayed at.

Hope you enjoyed the Disneyland Bamboo Tour!


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Anonymous said...

I agree, Bugs Land is a good place to see bamboo.

Disneyland Obsession said...

Well as many times as I have been to Disneyland, and admired the planted areas between the rides, I never really focused on the individual plants. So I have to say thanks, for giving me another way to view and enjoy those plantings.

Gerhard Bock said...

Sean, great post! Like you, I wish plants were labeled but that probably will never happen in a place like Disneyland :-).

In Bug's Land, I'm fairly sure that's Bambusa vulgaris 'Vittata'. It looks just like the (labeled) plants I saw in Sydney last year. It's beautiful, I wish we could grow it here in the Sacramento area, but it's just too cold-sensitive.

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Mad Man Bamboo Nursery said...

Disneyland Obsession - I'm happy you visited my site. Another way to view Disneyland (with my bamboo tour), that warms my heart, thanks!

Gerhard - That's what I thought, but at 30 degrees temperature tolerance, I'm not sure. Seems like it wouldn't have reacted well to even LA winters. I might be totally wrong. Again, if Disneyland labeled all their plants, we wouldn't have to guess, right? Thanks my friend! Sean

Anonymous said...

you should visit San Diego Zoo and Walt Disney World to enjoy the bamboo. I agree with you that all parks should name tag their bamboo.