Saturday, February 9, 2008

Bamboo Trek, Part 2: The little mini-van that could......

Today for me was the first say of spring, albeit a bit early. Getting ready for my upcoming plant sale on March 22, I made my annual pilgremage to my bamboo wholesaler. My mighty green mini-van yet again rose to the occasion and servred as the delivery van for the bamboo trek.

First, the seats are taken out, then the back seat is folded into the bottom cavity. This turns the family van into an instant cargo van.
Drop a tarp in the back and I was ready to roll.
Left Rocklin this morning at 7:00 a.m. for my 9:00 a.m. appointment.

Went through my wish list and loaded an amazing 31 five gallons into the back of the van (previous record was 32 five gallon pots). No worries, bamboo clums are generally very pliable and do not sustain damage, unlike trees or other plants.
Got home and was time to unload.

I'm sure my neighbors were wondering what the heck I was doing, especially with the sheepish grin of satisfaction on my face.

When all was said and done I was pooped. But its all worth it. My growing and selling season has begun officially. With highs in the low 60's today and new bamboo plants to oggle over, I can't help but feel like spring is here.

Photos of the new bamboo additions are forthcoming, but I'm pooped, time for some shuteye.



kate said...

What a day you must have had. It's amazing that you could fit 31 bamboo in 5-gallon pots in your van. That is amazing!

I imagine you'll be selling these quickly ... I thought of you at the plant conservatory - they had a beautiful bamboo plant there.

Mad Man Bamboo said...

Yeah, it was a good day. I'm hoping for a quick sale, hopefully I'll be pleasantly surprised.

Your visit to the conservatory sounded really neat. Darn! Bamboo. I'd be like a kid in a candy shop!


Melanie Vassallo said...

Just love the photo of your van packed to the roof :-)

One time when I transported plants to a flower show exhibit I had to warn the workers not to open the doors. We had to unroll the windows first to get the first layer of plants out!

Mad Man Bamboo said...

Yeah, I was even nervous, I must admit driving down the freeway. I just pictured my newly purchased bamboo busting the back door open from all the weight. Luckily that didn't happen....