Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Blogger in hiding and blueberries

Yes I do live (thanks Katie)!

I'm around. Just really busy.... work.... life.... you know how it goes.

So, a little spark of Spring came alive this weekend.

It has been unseasonably warm in California. Its nice and all, but quite frankly, I'm afraid of what is ahead with respect to water supply. California is in a water crisis, approaching the dire drought levels of the 1970's. The last time we were here.... leisure suits were the hit and disco was the rage. The "D" word, yikes!

A little bliss for me this weekend was to travel to Trey's (yes, the blogging nurseryman from Golden Gecko) nursery in Garden Valley and purchase two varieties of Southern High Bush Blueberry bushes and a really nice wine barrel. Not only were the bushes nice, but Trey is a really nice guy. After they (Trey and his wife, Monica) helped us load the items in our car, we chatted for awhile about the economy, the nursery industry and the crazy days we live in. After that, we had lunch at Rosey's, a roadside family-owned cafe in Garden Valley, upon suggestion of Trey.

Excited to get back home, I planted the bushes without haste. Now, its a waiting game. Fresh, home-grown blueberries in late Spring through mid-Summer. I can hardly wait.

Cheers everyone!



Daffodil Planter said...

Lucky you with blueberries! And responsible you for getting them planted promptly! I look forward to meeting Trey and seeing his nursery when we drive down that way for Daffodil Hill.

Katie said...

Someday I will head out to Trey's (and Peaceful Valley) and meet all the great folks I read about online.

I am surprised Daffodil Planter hasn't been out to see Trey!

Trey Pitsenberger said...

Great seeing and talking to you Sean. The blueberries look great. I do like those wine barrels with the black bands. Hope to make it to the Sacramento perennial plant fair again this year. If I do, I'll see you there!

Mad Man Bamboo said...

Daffodil - Its a nice drive up to Trey's. Worth the trip.

Katie - Trey was thinking about going to the Sacramento Perennial Plant Club plant sale at McKinley Park in Sacramento. I'll be there as well. It's March 21st.

Trey - Those wine barrels were really nice. Best I have seen. See you at the SPPC Plant Sale in March.