Sunday, March 11, 2012

Amazing bamboo photography by Nate Abbott

In the bamboo community, which spans the world, it's a unique group of people - some are into the scientific aspects of bamboo, some love to work with bamboo to make furniture, art or structures, others love to farm bamboo as a food and timber source. There are many that love bamboo for its sheer beauty and uniqueness in the plant world.

In this post, I want to show the fine photography of Nate Abbott, a fellow bamboo aficionado and photographer from Utah.

Nate Abbott
As Nate said in a interview by e-mail, "Living in the high desert of Utah presents it's share of obstacles to creating a lush oasis."  Many people would never imagine bamboo growing in a arid, cold climate such as Utah.  Abbott added that, "My favorite bamboos are from the Fargesia genus, the reason being their clumping habit, hardiness, and refined beauty."

Nate's first bamboo plant was Sasaella masamuneana 'Albostriata', a beautiful, cold hardy running bamboo.

Applying a lifetime of plant knowledge from books, learning from a diehard gardening grandmother, and obtaining a B.S. in Horticulture from Utah State University. Nate Abbott began to transform his yard into a tropical paradise reminiscent of Thailand where he served an LDS mission for 2 years.

Coupled with his love of gardening and bamboo, Nate has had a passion for capturing nature's beauty for over 20 years. The passion began in high school begging to borrow his fathers old Minolta SRT 101 camera and has never stopped.

Nate has taken some very beautiful, artistic photos of bamboo that he has given his permission for me to show to you, reader of the Bamboo Geek blog:

Nate's beautiful photography can be found here - Nate's Photos and More of Nate's Photos.  Nate also has his photography available in high quality prints and posters - more information.  Note that I am not receiving any compensation from Nate for this post.  I just love his work and hopefully you do too.  He captures the beauty and peace that comes from bamboo perfectly through his photography.


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Lea said...

Very pretty photos! The one with the sun in the background is really gorgeous.
Have a blessed week!
Lea's Menagerie

invest in bamboo said...

Beautiful pics. Captured from the right angle, bamboo really is a gorgeous plant!

Sabrina Garza said...

Tantalizing shots! Shows you there's dimensions and layers to these bypassed pieces of nature, even if we already have an idea what they are. And it would be a pain to lose them; a lot of money is being plugged into operations to preserve their habitats, because they are in danger of suffering that. People should start looking into those efforts, and find how they can contribute or participate in them.