Monday, July 11, 2011

When you know... "you have arrived." Gardener's dreams places.

This weekend, my youngest daughter was dying to go to Coloma, CA, where on the American River gold was discovered in January 1848 .  That discovery is what shaped California to what it is today.

We had a nice picnic on the American River watching rafters float by and spending time on the river bank skipping rocks.  Truly a nice day with beautiful weather.  Perfect.

As with any time I am out and about, my eyes are always looking for that ultimate garden experience, for me, I am particularly drawn to Asian-style gardens and of course any beautiful specimen of bamboo, be it a potted plant or a full on grove.

On the way home from Coloma, travelling north to Auburn, I remembered a tip from a bamboo customer about a beautiful bamboo grove, just east of Downtown Auburn.  Of course, upon my suggestion that we take a small detour to check this out (an adventure in my eyes), I got an immediate sigh and eye-roll from my oldest daughter.  But, my wife, bless her soul, gave me that 'OK' nod. Yeah!

OK, so after a mile or so down the road, we arrive and there was a beautiful grove of what I think is Phylostachys nigra 'Henon', or maybe Phylostachys vivax.

The angels sung, the butterflies flew and I think I saw a rainbow in the sky.  Well not really, but, that one rare thought that us gardeners get, ran accross my mind...  'you have arrived, my friend.'

Indeed, I had.  After a hurried set of pictures, I left feeling very satisfied for the treasure I had found, hidden away, but worth the hunt.

So, being inspired by all the beautiful bamboo that I have seen in my travels; from San Francisco's Tea Garden at Golden Gate Park to Capitol Park in Sacramento to the United States Botanical Garden in Washington D.C., I decided to create a map where bamboo fans like myself (and others, maybe even you) can post where they have spotted beautiful examples of bamboo.  The map, a public map built in Google Maps, is called Bamboo Spotter.  If you have found a beautiful example of bamboo, post it in Bamboo Spotter by clicking below.  The map is public and can be edited by anyone.  All I ask is that the bamboo can be seen in a public space, like a park or a open public area, and that no advertising be posted on the map.  Please no posts on private unless you own the property.

View Bamboo Spotter - Bamboo that can be seen in public spaces in a larger map

If you have trouble editing, just shoot me an e-mail at and I will manually add you as an editor.

May you have sweet dreams of your special 'garden dream place.'

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ZZ's Garden said...

What a great idea for the map. I can only imagine how long it took to put that together.

By the way, how far is Coloma from the Oakland area of California?