Saturday, June 11, 2011

Capitol park is a gem... and other observations.

Today, we took our daughters to see Mary Poppins at the Community Center Theatre in Downtown Sacramento.  Before we headed to the show, we had a nice, low-key lunch at Capitol Dawg.  Three Capitol Dawgs, a Lions Dawg, Onion Rings and Garlic Fries later, we headed for the show (the day started off right with a good hot dog and sides).  My tastes are simple, what can I say.  Mary Poppins was a great production (especially the sets) and everyone was happy.

After the show, we took a stroll in Capitol Park, truly a gem.  I don't work for State Parks, so I say this with the perspective of a true visitor...  what a beautiful, tranquil park.  I've always had an affinity for state parks and I'm quite saddened by where California's state parks are headed after years of budget cuts.  I'm one of those guys that drops $5 in the donation box every time I visit a state park because I think its worth doing.  Heck, I know that taxes are generally unpopular, but that is one tax I'd personally (speaking for myself) be happy to pay.

The weather couldn't be better and here are some photos of what I found as we explored the eastern half of Capitol Park, Downtown Sacramento and Midtown Sacramento after the show:

Nice use of bamboo at a restaurant (I think it was 16th and L Streets in Sacramento, CA).  Created a nice patio dining experience.

This was a very old olive tree.  The original stump was thick, big, but topped.  The foliage you see are suckers from the base and roots.  This picture does not do the stump justice - very interesting shape.

Here I am next to a great specimen of a Phylostachys bambusoides 'Japanese Giant Timber Bamboo.'

And, here is why bamboo rhizome barrier is always suggested for running bamboo.  This is a culm coming out of the lawn.  No doubt the park maintenance staff just mow these down, but I thought with was a good visual of how far a running bamboo can 'run.'

In the distance, that is a standard green Japanese Maple.  One of the largest ones I have seen.  Another great area in Sacramento to see mature specimens of Japanese Maples is in east Sacramento near McKinley Park.

A bas-relief sculpture at the east entrance of the State Capitol Building.

Peering into the patio at Mah Jong's, a restaurant in Downtown Sacramento.  Huge planters with bamboo set the mood for asian-inspired cuisine.

What a nice day - good food, great show and a chance to take in the sights in Downtown Sacramento, Midtown Sacramento and Capitol Park.  Lots of hidden garden sights, gems in my opinion, that can be found along the way.


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ZZ's Garden said...

Thanks for the nice pictures...if I'm ever in the Sacramento area, I know where to go for a nice lunch and garden/park.