Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ugh.. Garden "impulse buy" today... but I like it!

Got up early today, one of our first stops for the early morning was a nearby 'big box' hardware/garden/home improvement store.  Got - some fertilizer for the lawn, some flowers for a hanging basket, some twine, a tree saw and a 'roaming gnome.'

Yes, you heard right - a 'roaming gnome' of Travelocity fame sold in the same aisle with the solar light Buddha, the Cat with angel wings and the faux copper crane. Totally useless, totally what I wouldn't buy if I had a good night's sleep, I was a marketer's dream - I succumbed to an 'impulse buy', I hate to admit it.

If you love CBS's longstanding series, The Amazing Race, you get the significance.

Needless to say, my girls were thrilled when we brought the 'roaming gnome' home and now he (or it) has a place in the garden (this photo taken among the bamboo).  He looks happy, but 'still-faced' and stoic.

Damn those 'impulse buys', they got me this time!


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